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niqash: briefings from inside and across iraq
نقاش: إحاطات من داخل وعبر العراق
نيقاش: ‎‫پوخته‌یه‌ك له‌ناوخۆو سه‌رانسه‌ی‌ عێراقه‌وه‌‬
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Rugged terrian: Insurgent groups have often used the Hamrin mountains as a hideaway. (photo: Araz Muhammed)
Run To The Hills:
Extremists Go From Mosul To The Mountains
27.07.2017  |  Security
Volunteers on the streets of Baghdad from the Shiite Muslim militias. (photo: Getty)
Abduction is Big Business:
Shiite Militias Suspected of Kidnapping Kurdish For Cash
30.09.2015  |  Security
PKK chief Cemil Bayik in the Qandil mountains: 'We didn't start this fight with Turkey. But we will defend ourselves'.
Head of Kurdish Militia, Cemil Bayik:
'The PKK Will Agree to Stop Fighting Turkey If The US Mediates'
27.08.2015  |  Security
The funeral of murdered journalist, Kawa Ahmed Germyani. (photo: حيدر نادر)
When The Sword Is Mightier:
Iraqi Kurdistan’s Murdered Journalists Still Wait For Justice
20.04.2017  |  Security
Head  of the KDP's Mosul office, Esmat Rajab (centre, with phone), surrounded by Iraqi Kurdish miltary.
interview with senior kurdish politician
baghdad ‘wanted mosul to be captured by extremists’
11.06.2014  |  Security
Members of the Yazidi minority were forced to flee extremists and said that they recieved no protection from Iraqi Kurdish troops.
Northern Iraq’s Minorities Form Militias
‘We Will Defend Ourselves’
27.11.2014  |  Security