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A Question From Iraqi Kurdistan
World, Why Must We Fight Your Home Grown Extremists For You?

Qassim Khidhir Hamad
It is well known that many members of the Sunni Muslim extremist group, the Islamic State, that is currently active in northern Iraq, are foreigners. The group does its best to recruit from overseas. And recently…
14.08.2014  |  Erbil

In the early morning of Thursday, August 7, the people of Erbil heard that a German terrorist known as Osama al-Alamany had blown himself up while fighting against the Iraqi Kurdish military. His suicide killed and wounded a number of the Iraqi Kurdish military; reports indicate that around 20 people died.

The first question that came to my mind then was this: Why was a German from Dinslaken, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, trying to kill us? What have we ever done to him?

I believe that the conflicts going on in Syria and Iraq are a great opportunity for other countries. Every country has its sleeper cells, its terrorists and its fanatics. I call them zombies, those who spend all their time dreaming about going to heaven and sleeping with virgins. Of course, the zombies are a security threat at home; their countries spend a lot of time and money to monitor them and make sure they don't create headlines back home.

And of course, the world is happy to see these fanatics migrating to Syria and Iraq. By leaving they make their own countries much safer.

I understand why, in countries ruled by iron-fisted and secular dictators, that some people are moved to become religious extremists. They want to overthrow the system. But I don't understand why Europeans, or immigrants to Europe from Islamic countries, become extremists. Is it because they are not treated equally within the system? Is there racism against them? Do they not wish to integrate into their new society in the way that they’re required to?

What is clear to me is that these are international problems and more attention needs to be given to them. Other countries need to find out why some of their own people are becoming extremists and they need to resolve those issues. Because I do not believe it is the job of the Kurdish to fight what is increasingly being recognized as a multi-national terrorist group.

If you observe the foreign members of the Islamic State, who are fighting in Syria and Iraq, you can see they are broken inside. They know they have no future. They know they can't go back to their own countries because they will be arrested. In speeches they make they always attack their home lands, saying that one day they will “liberate” that country too. That's why they do everything they can to establish their fantasy state.

It is also known that the Islamic State’s foreign fighters are often senior figures within the group’s ranks.

My question is this: Why should we Kurdish sacrifice ourselves for the mistakes of other countries? Why should we go to the funerals of people who have been killed by someone who came from thousands of kilometers away – say from India or Pakistan or Germany or the UK? Some of these “zombies” have never even heard of the Kurds before. They have no idea who we are. They kill us anyway.