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niqash: briefings from inside and across iraq
نقاش: إحاطات من داخل وعبر العراق
نيقاش: ‎‫پوخته‌یه‌ك له‌ناوخۆو سه‌رانسه‌ی‌ عێراقه‌وه‌‬
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Diaa N. al-Asadi \\\We have sided with Sunni Muslim and Kurdish parties against a Shiite Muslim Prime Minister.\\\
sadrist political leader
‘most important thing is to remove al-maliki’
21.06.2012  |  Politics
dangerous times ahead
al qaeda plans to annex one-third of iraq
27.12.2013  |  Politics
Iraqi military will vote in a special ballot on April 28, 2014.
iraq votes 2014
special ballot for iraqi army causes concern
17.04.2014  |  Politics
Faraj al-Haydari, head of Iraq\'s all important Independent High Electoral Commission.
head of iraqi election commission
‘there is real risk of a new dictatorship’
30.05.2012  |  Politics
my way or the highway
PM changes iraqi political format forever
22.03.2013  |  Politics
bye bye shiite alliance
is iraq about to enter post-sectarian political era?
5.12.2013  |  Politics
A campaign poster emphasising tribal affiliations.
election results so far
low voter turnout, more compromises needed
25.04.2013  |  Politics
The IRaqi PM makes more promises - but will he keep them this time?
iraqi PM counterattacks
high stakes political game continues in baghdad
5.07.2012  |  Politics
The next Defence Minister? Saleh al-Mutlaq (Centre) one of Iraq’s three deputy Prime Ministers.
means justify ends
a sunni MP for defence minister? - 3192
28.03.2013  |  Politics
Officials visit the site of the jail break at Abu Ghraib prison. Pictures supplied by the Ministry of Justice.
al qaeda’s big prison break
rumours and conspiracy theories fly
1.08.2013  |  Politics
A social club in Baghdad where alcohol is sold. Photo: Getty Images
baghdad bans beer
why new iraqi prohibition is an ominous sign
13.09.2012  |  Society
iraq’s threatened emo kids
‘we are peaceful, we do not worship the devil’
14.03.2012  |  Society