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scars that won\'t heal
iraq recognises fayli kurd persecution as \'genocide\'

Sazan M.Mandalawi
At the beginning of this month, the Iraqi parliament declared the past regime’s persecution of Kurdish minority, the Faylis, genocide. Former victims recount deportation and torture but say this move by the…
10.08.2011  |  Erbil

The recognition that genocide was committed has given the Fayli Kurds hope that they might be compensated for property which was confiscated from them and that they might regain their citizenship. As Batoul Musa, a Baghdad lawyer of Fayli Kurdish origin, noted, there are still a vast number of cases pending around the matter of confiscated property.

As for Abdullah, the declaration of genocide is an important recognition of all she and her family have suffered, as well as a memorial for her lost brother, whose picture is on display in all her siblings’ houses. The Fayli Kurds are among several minorities persecuted by Hussein’s regime and they often claim they are the forgotten victims, the last to receive justice.

"People don\'t realize the hardships suffered by Fayli Kurds,” Abdullah said. “Now that this genocide has been recognized, maybe the government will prioritize our concerns.”

For Abdullah, and many other Fayli Kurds like her, the classification of their maltreatment as genocide is another step towards compensation, as well as the return of long separated families to Iraq, where Abdullah hopes, they can all begin a new life.