questions & answers: the iraqi constitution

Constitution Q & A --- Why a "new" constitution? After the U.S./Coalition invasion of Iraq and the demise of the Ba’th Regime in March/April 2003 the new Iraqi administratio more

current draft of the constitution drafting committee

On 26 July the Iraqi newspaper "Al-Sabah" on 26 July 2005 publised a "provisional draft of the new Iraqi constitution". It is a synthesis of the draft chapters and articles produced by the CDC's sub-committees and represents the current state of the constitution drafting process. This is a working document and thus does not represent the official view of the CDC.

(Thanks to Zaid for the translation.)

For the text of the draft please click here. more

iraq's judiciary

Decree No. 15 of the Iraqi Interim Coalition Government (enacted on 23 June 2003) suspended the function of the Iraqi Law of Jurisdiction from 1979 insofar as the ordinances contained therein are contrary to Decree 15. more

relevant articles in the transitional administrative law (t.a.l.)

Chapter Six -- The Federal Judicial Authority Article 43 [Independence, Judicial Administration] (A) The judiciary is independent, and it shall in no way be administered by the executive au more

the media situation in iraq

During the Ba’ath era all media were controlled by the party-government. One of Saddam Hussein’s sons, Uday, was even president of the Iraqi Journalists Union and controlled his own newspaper, “Babil”. Iraq had 3 telev more

the constitution drafting committee

This parliamentary committee was formed on 12 May 2005. Its task is to draft the new consititution by 15 August 2005 so that the Iraqi people can vote on the draft on 15 October 2005. For more information on more

constitution drafting committee

This parliamentary committee is charged with drafting the new permanent Constitution of Iraq. It was formed by the T.N.A. on 12 May 2005 and has 55 members coming from the different parliamentary factions - 28 UIA, 15 K more

members of the constitution drafting committee

Following is a list of the committee's members:

1. Ahmed Al-Safi
2. Abdel Hadi Al-Hakim
3. Dr Ali Al-Dabagh
4. Dr Hussein ‘Athab Th’ban
5. Juad Al-Maliki
6. Ali Al-Deeb
7. Beha’ Al-A’reji
8. Dr Jeneen Al-Qedou
9. Sami ‘Azaze Al-Ma’joun
10. Dr ‘Aboud Al-‘Isawi
11. Dr Hamam Hamoudi
12. Akram Al-Hakim
13. Jalal Al-Deen Al-Sagheer
14. Dr Sa’ad Qendeel
15. Sami Al-‘Askeri
16. Dr Jouad Smeisim
17. Dr Nadim Al-Jaberi
18. ‘Abass Al-Bayati
19. Sheerouan Al-Ouaili
20. Dr Khadheer Moussa Ja’fr A... more

the special tribunal

The Iraqi Special Tribunal was established by Law no. 1, issued on 10 December 2003 by the Iraqi Interim Government as an adequate law instrument to enforce justice and to disclose the truth of the era of the Saddam Regi more


1. Sub-Committee on Basic Principles: Fu’ad Ma’sum, Hamid Majid Musa, Ahmad al-Safi, , Sami al-‘Askari, Muhsin al-Qazwini, Hanin Al-Qaddu, Abd al-Hadi al-Hakim, Riyadh Kahiya, Ali al-Safi, Taher al-Baka’ more
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