more than a game: iraq vs jordan football exposes a nation's flaws

Iraq’s loss to Jordan in last week’s football game was about more than just qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. Ten years after 9/11, an American living in Iraq says it also exposes the deep flaws inherent in the rebuilding of this nation. by Nathaniel Rosenblatt in Erbil more

mutilated and maimed: iraqis who had ears cut off by saddam hussein still waiting for compensation

Faced with growing defections from the Iraqi army in the mid 90s, then-leader Saddam Hussein instituted extreme punishments for those who deserted. Today men whose faces were tattooed or had their ears cut off are still waiting for compensation. by Mohammed al-Zaidi in Wasit more

the online revolution: young kurds use social media to protest turkish bombs

Just like their neighbours in other countries, young Kurdish people in Iraq are using the Internet and social media to call for political action. A recent protest in Erbil against Turkish bombing in the area saw protests swiftly organised: NIQASH was there from the beginning. by Sazan M.Mandalawi in Erbil more

electing the chief: more democracy equals more tribal influence in mosul

Iraq’s tribal leaders are using their clan loyalties to get elected. And as they do, tribal law and customs become more influential in urban areas and in politics. by in Mosul more

a dangerous living: court workers in mosul at risk

Court clerks in Mosul work in dangerous conditions. As a result, court procedures are delayed, the rule of law is at risk and some clerks have even turned to crime. NIQASH spends a day delivering summons in Mosul. by Adel Kamal in Mosul more

iraq's online revolution: mosul gives official aid to facebook campaign in iraqi first

When Mosul city officials got together with youthful online campaigners to clean up the streets, it was an Iraqi first. A local council took note of a Facebook campaign and actually acted on it. Now campaigners are planning more actions and councillors are starting their own pages. by in Mosul more

burn the paper trail? arson epidemic linked to corruption investigations

In Iraq almost all official records are kept on paper. So what better way to kill the paper trail that corruption investigators are tracking, than burn the evidence? A rash of fires inside government buildings has led to calls for further investigation. by Kholoud Ramzi in Baghdad more

homeless at home: iraq's displaced persons cause ethnic tensions

There are over two million displaced Iraqis. And some of the most unfortunate are the Bidun. Border disputes and messy bureaucracy sees them stateless in their own country. As a result, they can’t even buy a mobile phone. by Adel Kamal in Mosul more

mosul governor: baghdad's sectarian policies causing 'the country to become unstable'

NIQASH interviews Iraqi politician Atheel al-Nujaifi, the governor of Ninawa, about the potential for sectarian civil war, a separate region for Sunni Muslims and who is really in charge of the violence-torn city of Mosul. by in Mosul more

students accuse state of failing them to aid crowded universities

The number of students in well-educated Iraqi Kurdistan who passed their school-leaving exams this year dropped by half. Students are accusing state officials of deliberately failing them in order to relieve pressure on overcrowded universities. by Yaseen Taha in Sulaymaniyah more
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