cell phone business practice aids terror text messagers

Because there’s no need to provide identification when buying a new phone number locals are texting more terror threats than ever. Now local telecommunications firms are trying to stop the practice. by Kholoud Ramzi in Baghdad more

at least 7 dead, hundreds homeless in ninawa floods

Heavy rain and flooding in the Ninawa province late last week has left at least seven dead, dozens missing or injured and hundreds homeless. Locals say that authorities are to blame for the extent of the damage, due to lack of infrastructure and drainage. by Ahmad Salama in Mosul more

seeking lost loves at the cemetery for anonymous dead

Part of a Karbala cemetery is reserved for unidentified corpses. During episodes of sectarian violence, dozens used to arrive weekly. Now visitors include families trying to discover the fate of their loved ones. by Abbas Sarhan in Karbala more

iraq gets tough on fake qualifications, up to 50,000 jobs at risk

Anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 Iraqis apparently used forged qualifications to get their jobs. Among them are MPs who may be forced to leave parliament, if found guilty. by Kholoud Ramzi in Baghdad more

iraqi prisoners in 'inhumane' exile, families protest

Because of overcrowding and mismanagement, prisoners from southern Iraq are being detained in northern Iraq, far from their families. Human rights activists call the treatment ‘inhumane’. by Waheed Ghanim in Basra more

iraq unhappy owner of quarter of world's unexploded land mines

Last week’s Global Mine Action Day put the focus on de-mining efforts in Iraq again. One of the most-mined nations in the world still needs almost 20,000 clearance specialists to make it safe. by Haider Najm in Baghdad more

mosul's waste disposal plans cause controversy

There is an acrid stench that rises from the medical waste landfill site in Hay al-Arabi, north of Mosul, but the local government in Ninawa, can do nothing about it. by Adel Kamal in Mosul more

the integrity commission is accused of corruption

Iraq’s Integrity Commission has the task of conducting investigations into cases of government corruption. But many specialists in financial and administrative corruption have raised doubts about the integrity of the Commission itself. by Kholoud Ramzi in Baghdad more

drugs are the new scourge in anbar

Omar Ibrahim never thought he would become a drug addict. He first took drugs to overcome the pain of losing his brother. by Special Correspondent in Anbar more

christians want a province of their own

For the first time ever, Christian leaders have formally demanded the creation of a province in the Ninawa Plain, east of Mosul. by Oday Mahdi in Baghdad more
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