family planning gone wrong: more babies abandoned in garbage in mosul

Abortion is almost impossible, adoption is unacceptable. Now more and more unplanned babies are ending up in the rubbish or on the roadside in the conservative city of Mosul. There they are victim to criminal gangs or stray dogs. by in Mosul more

turning persian: iranian influence in karbala causes iraqi anxiety

Iranian goods dominate the market, locals learn Persian and Iranian customs and visitors arrive daily. If politics and military tactics don’t work, then Iran may influence Iraq through business and culture. In Karbala, the plan’s already working. by Abbas Sarhan in Karbala more

ninawa state helpless as squatters build illegal towns on it's property

Illegal shanty towns occupy miles of state land in Ninawa. Squatters are endangering construction projects, archaeological digs, federal relations and themselves. Bulldozers and the army haven’t worked, now the state plans to pay them to shift. by Adel Kamal in Mosul more

driving in iraqi kurdistan 'like being at war'

Badly maintained roads and unenforced road rules in Iraqi Kurdistan mean there is almost one fatal car accident a day. Better public transport is planned, speed cameras have been installed and a religious decree on speeding has even been issued. But will it help? by Qassim Khidhir Hamad in Erbil more

disabled in karbala: iraq abandons its handicapped

With plenty of other social problems, Iraq has barely any facilities or support for its handicapped – despite the fact that decades of war have swollen their numbers and radiation-related birth defects appear to be on the rise. by Abbas Sarhan in Karbala more

visiting the witch doctors and magic men of mosul

The pseudo-religious magic men of Mosul offer customers everything from infertility cures to expensive spells that protect the owner from bullets. But, under attack by militants and the law, these witch doctors are hard to find. NIQASH tracked them down. by Adel Kamal in Mosul more

foreign soap operas blamed for youth suicide and bad behaviour

Over the past few years the number of Turkish dramas on Iraqi television has grown. Locals say the shows influence Iraqi youth into bad behaviour and even suicide. Certainly, there has been at least one death due to the series’ popularity. by Yahia al Barzanji in Kirkuk more

anbar's unlicensed vehicles a problem for authorities, boon for extremists

Anyone who regularly gets parking fines and speeding tickets wouldn’t have that problem in Iraq’s Anbar province. Unlicensed, illegal vehicles are increasingly common there. Unhappily armed extremists are also taking advantage of the situation. by Special Correspondent in Anbar more

former iraqi interior minister:"us withdrawal could have disastrous consequences"

Iraqi MP Jawad al-Bolani was the nation’s Minister of the Interior from 2006 until 2010. He spoke to NIQASH about his relief at Osama Bin Laden’s death, US troop withdrawal, the Arab Spring and whether local politics were responsible for assassination plots. by Fadhil al-Nashmi in Baghdad more

basra's fashion models breaking down cultural barriers

A team of Iraqi fashion models has won prizes for runway shows featuring local costumes. But in the conservative city of Basra, where they are based, modelling is far from glamorous. It’s certainly controversial and could even be dangerous. by Waheed Ghanim in Basra more
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