the aviator

Nariman Anwar, a 33 year old from Erbil, is a man who had a dream. From a young age, he desperately wanted to build planes. After he began aged 14, building a radio-controlled model, he has gone on to build a total of se by Mark Hudson in Erbil more

ramadan slow for mosul's markets

It’s the middle of the day and Mosul’s markets are almost empty. This year, Ramadan has fallen in August, the hottest time of the year, with temperatures reaching as high as 50ºC, and many are choosing to stay at home. by Adel Kamal in Mosul more

american university needs money

‘This is a huge academic and cultural project. We should all work together to find enough funding for it,’ says Dr. Barham Saleh, the Kurdistan Region Government’s Prime Minister, of the American University of Iraq by Dana Asaad in Sulaymaniyah more

fareed lafta, the iraqi superman

Too often, Iraq is well known for the wrong reasons. If there were Guinness World Records for conflict, it would sadly be well represented. But Fareed Lafta is trying to change that. This young Iraqi grew up in Baghda by Alice Fordham in Baghdad more

halabja victims still wait for compensation

"I lost my whole family and nothing can compensate me for that loss but it is time our town was compensated,” says Aras Abed who still remembers the chemical weapons attack on Halabja despite the many years that have pas by Khabat Nawzad in Halabja more

the high cost of war

Ghada fled Mosul two years ago. She has dark hair and dark eyes marked with black Kajal. She is one of the most beautiful girls you will meet in Iraq. “This, exactly this, has been the reason for all my misery, by Maria Fantappie in Mosul more

abuse of women continues

Karima Damad dressed in black and was married in complete silence with no ceremony. The marriage was arranged in the early 1990s after one of her relatives killed a relative of her now husband. Her case is not by Saleem al-Wazzan in Basra more

all quiet in karbala

20 year-old Maher Abed is annoyed. The Karbala resident can no longer listen to loud music in his car or celebrate occasions in public with singing and dancing, after the law to curb ‘scandalous behaviour’ in the city. by Abbas Sarhan in Karbala more

poor equipment cost lives

Karwan Saddiqi will never forget the tragic scenes he saw in Sulaimaniyah on 15 July. The 28 year-old was among those who volunteered to help rescue guests trapped in a blaze in the Soma Hotel after fire broke out in a s by Sardar Muhammad in Sulaymaniyah more

selling the occupation to anbar residents

Abudi-Rahman al-Karbouli stands in the doorway of his shop, calling passers-by into his shop. "Cheap devices in excellent condition! Come in and see with your own eyes!" The shelves of Karbouli’s s by Special Correspondent in Anbar more
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