christians want a province of their own

For the first time ever, Christian leaders have formally demanded the creation of a province in the Ninawa Plain, east of Mosul. by Oday Mahdi in Baghdad more

the british soldiers cemetery has become a rubbish dump

The cemetery has become a rubbish dump, and rats and other vermin have infested the place”, bemoans Abu Ahmad. by Mohammed al-Zaidi in Wasit more

working for the good of others

Clearing landmines is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. But de-miners say it is much more a vocation than a job. by Qassim Khidhir Hamad in Erbil more

suicide or accident? a young man in mosul burns to death

Very few people ever noticed or cared about 31-year-old Abdul Munir until the day he set himself on fire. Munir worked as a porter carrying cement bags in the outskirts of Mosul city. He earned 50 Iraqi dinars for each 50 kg bag of cement. So, for one ton of cement, he got only 1000 dinars or US$9. by Adel Kamal in Mosul more

karbala has five months' holiday a year

A parent-teacher meeting at al-Shareef al-Radi primary school in the centre of Karbala, was an ideal opportunity for the school’s principal, Muhye Al Tumah, to express his discontent at the large number of holidays in the city. by Abbas Sarhan in Karbala more

the street hawkers of baghdad

Forty-year-old Asaad Abdul-Rahman, and his three sons aged between 10 and 14, weave their way through the traffic in Baghdad’s al-Bab al Sharqi district. They are hawking sweets, bottled water and boxes of paper tissues to the car drivers who stop at the traffic lights and security checkpoints. by Haider Najm in Baghdad more

the copenhagen fatwa: end attacks on christians

A group of senior Iraqi clerics have issued a joint Shiite, Sunni and Christian fatwa calling for the end of violence against the Christian minority in Iraq. by Dana Asaad in Amman more

karbala's slums multiply

Fifty-six-year-old, Ibrahim Jassem, does not hold out much hope about the latest proposal by Karbala’s local government to find a solution to the problem of illegal slums. There have been many such statements before, but so far, they have come to nothing. by Abbas Sarhan in Karbala more

hidden under the veil

40-year old Umm Marwan leaves her house each day to go to work, her face concealed by her black niqab or veil. Friends and neighbours think she works in a kindergarten. But in reality she is an inspector at one of the security checkpoints in the outskirts of Ramadi. by Special Correspondent in Anbar more

the census is postponed yet again

Once again, Iraq’s population census has been postponed - and this time with the agreement of all political parties. It had been scheduled to take place on 5 December, and no new date has been set yet. by Haider Najm in Baghdad more
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