ripple effect: iran sanctions affect iraqi tourism industry

Normally thousands of Iranian tourists arrive in Karbala daily. But as Western sanctions on Iran hit, pilgrims are staying at home. And the ones that do come are not shopping. Karbala’s merchants say they’re facing financial ruin. by Mohammed Hamid al-Sawaf in Karbala more

end of print media: newspapers keep closing in iraqi kurdistan

It’s a common story: print media losing sales, closing down and being overtaken by online news sources. The same thing is happening in Iraqi Kurdistan - although some say local publishers are not making enough effort to stay open. by Hana Raouf in Erbil more

cash only: why the messy banking sector endangers iraqi development

Iraq could be one of the richest countries in the world. Yet over three quarters of Iraqis do not have bank accounts. So where do they keep that wealth? And can the Iraqi banking system be dragged into the 21st century? by Shwan Zulal in London more

water worries: three million drink from mosul’s poisoned river

One thing the troubled city of Mosul doesn’t have to worry about is water: the River Tigris flows through it. However, as pollution levels go up, fish die and waste is dumped there, that may soon change. by Abdul-Hadi Mohammed in Mosul more

unhappy forecasts: iraq’s future oil plagued by problems

Estimated to have one of the largest oil reserves in the world, Iraq could be the major player in the world’s oil industry. But up until now, things have not been going as well as expected. So what’s the problem? by Shwan Zulal in London more

iraq's most resourceful unemployed: doing business on the holy days

Joining the millions of religious pilgrims flocking to Iraq\'s holy city of Karbala are thousands of unemployed Iraqis. They make money by selling souvenirs on the streets and strangely, the city\'s own shopkeepers welcome them all. by Mohammed Hamid al-Sawaf in Karbala more

water, water everywhere in iraqi kurdistan, soon there will be none to drink

The semi autonomous state of Iraqi Kurdistan has plenty of water. For the time being at least. But experts warn that a water crisis is coming and that, despite plans to build dozens of dams, local authorities are doing nothing about it. by Frman Abdulrahman in Sulaymaniyah more

economic reform in iraq: govt trapped by fear of its own people

The Arab Spring protests have scared the region’s rulers. And, as an Iraqi economist in Berlin writes, when it comes to much needed economic reforms, the Iraqi government is trapped by a fear of those on the street. by Nagih al-Obaidi in Berlin more

interview with shell vp bouaziz: flared gas could solve iraq’s power problems

Gas that escapes during the production of crude oil can damage the environment. But it can also be turned into electricity, something Iraqis badly need. NIQASH spoke to Shell’s Mounir Bouaziz about his firm’s plans to do that. by Khaled Waleed in Amman more

holidays in iraq: too many national vacations dangerous, bad for business

Iraqis get around 100 public holidays a year. An Iraqi economist in Berlin talks about the financial damage this causes. But Iraqi religious holidays, with their political repercussions, also cause far worse problems. by Nagih al-Obaidi in Berlin more
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