the battle for iraqi oil: can there ever be a winner?

The battle for Iraq’s oil goes on. Iraqi Kurdistan is intent on controlling its own oil, Baghdad is intent on wresting that control from them. Will the impasse ever be solved? Only if both sides see reason, one commentator argues. by Shwan Zulal in London more

mosul’s generators: dangerous, corrupt & use enough wire to wrap the earth

Mosul is festooned with electrical wiring, polluted by smoke and hums with thousands of generators. Now a Mosul University study indicates not just the dangers of private generators, but also the potential for corruption on every corner. by in Mosul more

setting karbala alight: locals burn trees to build houses

In Karbala locals are finding ways to circumvent environmental laws. One of these ways is simply to burn land, to build houses on it. In doing so, they’re courting eco-disaster and killing Karbala’s green “lungs”. by Mohammed Hamid al-Sawaf in Karbala more

the resource curse: will ordinary iraqis ever see their oil money?

Iraq is on the way to becoming one of the biggest oil exporters in the world. As a nation it earns billions. But many ordinary Iraqis live in poverty. Now calls for a direct cash payout to each citizen are getting louder. by Aminah al-Thahabi in Baghdad more

targeting terrorist mafia: campaign against deadly blackmail in mosul

A campaign to clean up extortion by terrorist groups has borne fruit. Al-Qaeda funds their deadly work by blackmailing everyone from Mosul’s vegetable sellers to one of the biggest mobile phone firms in Iraq. Now over a dozen arrests have been made. by Ahmad al-Sayegh in Mosul more

basra’s unfair share: wealthy in oil, poor in every other way

The citizens and authorities in what is potentially Iraq’s wealthiest oil boom town are upset. They say oil companies are causing environmental problems and Baghdad is getting rich while they’re missing out. by Ammar al-Saleh in Baghdad more

smuggling weapons into syria: on the job with iraq’s gun runners

Guns are being smuggled across the Iraqi-Syrian border to arm Syrian rebels. To find out how and why the Iraqi smugglers are doing it, NIQASH went to Rabia and joined a group of gun runners on their trading route. by Special Correspondent in Mosul more

ripple effect: iran sanctions affect iraqi tourism industry

Normally thousands of Iranian tourists arrive in Karbala daily. But as Western sanctions on Iran hit, pilgrims are staying at home. And the ones that do come are not shopping. Karbala’s merchants say they’re facing financial ruin. by Mohammed Hamid al-Sawaf in Karbala more

end of print media: newspapers keep closing in iraqi kurdistan

It’s a common story: print media losing sales, closing down and being overtaken by online news sources. The same thing is happening in Iraqi Kurdistan - although some say local publishers are not making enough effort to stay open. by Hana Raouf in Erbil more

cash only: why the messy banking sector endangers iraqi development

Iraq could be one of the richest countries in the world. Yet over three quarters of Iraqis do not have bank accounts. So where do they keep that wealth? And can the Iraqi banking system be dragged into the 21st century? by Shwan Zulal in London more
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