babylon awaits investment

Following the 1970s upsurge in oil production, huge sums of money were spent across the ancient province of Babylon. However, the money was not spent on tourism projects or on projects stimulating employment but rather o by Saad Salloum in Baghdad more

iraq's oil wealth on the block

Niqash - Greg Muttitt (London) – 9 July 2008: Last week saw the biggest step so far towards transferring Iraqi oil into the hands of foreign multinational companies, sparking renewed accusations that the US-U more

oil sell-off by stealth

Niqash - Greg Muttitt (London) - 24 June 2008: Next Monday, the Iraqi federal government is set to sign oil development contracts with BP, Shell, ExxonMobil and Total – their first since their 1925 concessio more

iranian products win the market

Niqash - Ahmad al-Sa’dawi (Baghdad) – 13 June 2008:

Five years since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, Iraq’s commercial market has been transformed. More than any other country, neighboring Iran has taken advantage of new openings and today its goods are flooding the marketplace. Observers worry for Iraq’s economic future, but also the political leverage that this economic strength might grant Iran.

Iranian goods first entered the Iraqi market in the mid-1990s. An improvement in relations between the two countries facilitated the entry of Iranian products into the Ir... more

mosul’s markets

Niqash - Umayma al-Omar (al-Mosul) – 6 June 2008: Visiting Mosul’s markets today, one senses an official holiday. The big markets are almost empty and not because people are prudent and prefer to save money bu more

the privatization of iraq’s oil sector

Niqash - Sa’ad Salloum (Baghdad) – 28 May 2008: In today’s Iraq, a country floating over a river of “black gold”, complaints of fuel shortages are always heard. Officials at the ministry of oil are incapabl more

basra's state industrial sector in dire straits

Niqash - Saleem al-Wazzan (Basra) - 22 April 2008: Basra’s state-owned industrial sector is struggling from a lack of new investment, corruption and political in-fighting, leaving it teetering on the economic more

smuggling of oil: another quota given to leading forces in basra

Niqash - Salim al-Wazzan (Al-Basra) – 18 March 2008: Recent statements made by officials differ regarding oil smuggling operations in Basra. Some sources stress that smuggling poses the danger of depleting the countr more

the kurdistan region gas & oil law

The Kurdistan Region Gas & Oil Law endorsed by the Kurdistan parliament on 6 August 2007 is the first law in the area of the oil industry adopted after the fall of the former regime, whereas political differences on the more

the ration card system: 95% of iraqis want it

The ration card has formed an important economic and political instrument used by the former regime to achieve various aims other than the declared aim of distributing food subsidies to citizens as a social safety networ more
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