tourism in the "other iraq"

The Kurdish Region, often referred to as ‘the other Iraq’, is increasingly gaining recognition as a tourist destination distinct from the rest of Iraq. Kurdistan, a land of beautiful mountains, rivers, ancient archaeolog by Qassim Khidhir Hamad in Erbil more

oil dispute threatens iraqi economy

Fears are rising that parliament’s failure to pass an oil law may worsen the effects of the global economic crisis on Iraq. Without a law the development of the country’s oil capacity remains restricted, limiting Iraqi o by Qassim Khidhir Hamad in Erbil more

car smuggling flourishing in anbar

Banned cars are being smuggled into Anbar province, defying a government ban on the importation of cars produced prior to 2004 says Anbar’s Traffic Directorate. According to the authority more than 18,000 smuggled cars in Anbar more

rampant corruption threatens development

Reports published by the Iraqi government as well as a number of national and international organizations clearly state that the country’s government institutions continue to be plagued by rampant financial and administr by Haider Najm in Baghdad more

baghdad's fishwives

With thick hands, deeply dyed with henna ink, Umm Ziad pulled out a large fish from the aquarium. “May God give you health,” she said to her customer as she cut and cleaned the fish. Umm Ziad has been a fis by Kholoud Ramzi in Baghdad more

past enemies unite to learn new skills

The taxi car that took us to Alexandria city easily and safely parked in front of the crowded garage of the ‘Vocational Training Centre’ (VTC), 50 kilometres from Babel province. Almost a year and a half ago by Faris Harram in Babil more

minister of finance calls for higher oil production

Niqash speaks to Iraq’s Minister of Finance, Bayan Jabr Solagh, on the issue of the new American president, the threat of Iraqi funds in the U.S. being seized by the American government, as well as domestic economic chal by Saad Salloum in Baghdad more

security pact crucial for investment

Niqash talks to Ali Baban, Iraq’s Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation, discussing the Iraqi economy and the likely effects upon it of the Obama administration and the signing of the U.S-Iraqi security pact. by Saad Salloum in Baghdad more

a new najaf rises up

For the first time in years Fuad Flaih is able to take a taxi all the way to his house in Kufa, one of Najaf province’s biggest districts. Until just one year ago, cars were unable to enter the area as a result of consid by Faris Harram in Najaf more

babylon awaits investment

Following the 1970s upsurge in oil production, huge sums of money were spent across the ancient province of Babylon. However, the money was not spent on tourism projects or on projects stimulating employment but rather o by Saad Salloum in Baghdad more
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