spokesman for iraqi kurdish govt: ‘new us airbase in erbil no threat to iran’

NIQASH interviewed Safeen Dizayee, the spokesperson for the government semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan. During a candid and wide ranging conversation, Dizayee spoke about why the US is building a new airbase in the region, where exactly Iraqi Kurdish oil is going and whether refugees in the region are being maltreated. by Hiwa Barznjy in Erbil more

new awakening? locals in kirkuk slowly but surely turn against extremists

Sunni Muslim extremists continue to kidnap, execute and otherwise impose their authoritarian rule on locals in the areas they control, such as in southwestern Kirkuk. Slowly but surely though, local resistance against them is growing. Tribal leaders suggest an organized, salaried force is in development. by Ahmad Mohammed in Kirkuk more

new iraqi govt doomed to spend all year fixing problems caused by previous regime

During his last days in power, Iraq's former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki made senior appointments in the government and military to try and shore up his power. Now new MPs want to reverse some of those decisions as well as share power more equally between the different branches of government and the participating political parties. by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more

who do iraq’s ‘disputed territories’ belong to? 'the land is for those who liberate it'

What will happen to Iraq’s “disputed territories” once Sunni Muslim extremists have been driven out? Will the Iraqi Kurdish military, who now control some of it, insist on staying? Or will conflicts between the Iraqi Kurdish and the Iraqi army make for the country’s next crisis? NIQASH gathers opinions. by Nawzat Shamdeen in Berlin more

amid boycotts, chaos and constitutional violations, a new iraqi government is born

On Monday evening, a new Iraqi government came together under the leadership of Iraq’s new Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi. Despite widespread praise for the relative inclusiveness of the new Cabinet, the first session – attended by NIQASH - was chaotic, argumentative, and ironic. There were mistaken appointments and a number of Constitutional violations that could turn out to be serious in the long run. by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more

iraq’s new parliament: 200 laws in limbo, 6,000 unfinished projects and one messy constitution

As Iraq’s new government slowly evolves into a sitting Parliament, there are hundreds of pieces of legislation that need attention. Some of the most important could help resolve Iraq's looming, and current, economic and security crises. by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more

interview with yazidi princess: no future for yazidis in iraq

After Sunni Muslim extremists attacked Yazidi majority towns in northern Iraq, causing a major humanitarian disaster, the distinctive ethno-religious group is asking itself existential questions, says one of their leading female representatives. by Nawzat Shamdeen in Berlin more

iraq’s kurds head to baghdad to negotiate: ‘we want deadlines and guarantees’

Iraqi Kurdish politicians are heading to Baghdad to negotiate with the newly evolving government. Even though none of their demands have changed because none of them were ever met by the last government, the situation certainly has. And some analysts believe the only outcome can be the eventual division of Iraq. by Hiwa Barznjy in Erbil more

oil but no power: basra jockeys for bigger share in new govt

As a province, Basra provides a huge percentage of the country’s revenues, as it is home to some of Iraq’s biggest oil producing areas. However in terms of politics, the southern province has been underrepresented. Locals have heard promises of unity and equal representation made by Iraq’s potential new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Is Basra’s situation about to change? by Waheed Ghanim in Basra more

bypassing baghdad: international allies in direct talks with iraq’s sunnis and kurds

In Baghdad this week, Iraq’s most senior Shiite Muslim politicians are lamenting their increasing isolation from the international community. The EU and the US are bypassing Baghdad to support Iraq’s Kurdish forces militarily; they’re also holding meetings with Iraq’s Sunni Muslim leaders and have apparently promised to support more Sunni independence. Is this the beginning of the end of a united Iraq? by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more
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