extremists, oil or kirkuk? iraqi kurdistan's next big crisis: its presidency

Several weeks ago Iraqi Kurdish MPs got into a fist fight in Parliament. The cause: Whether the current President could run for another term legally. Is this a democracy or a dictatorship? critics are asking. by Kawa Sheikh Abdullah in Sulaymaniyah more

whose side are they on? iraq's arab tribes decide between kurdish and extremists

The key to long lasting victory in northern Iraq is the loyalty of it's Sunni Muslim tribes. Both the Iraqi Kurdish and the extremists are starting new flirtations with the tribal leaders of Ninawa. But how genuine are these suitors? by Khales Joumah in Mosul more

kurdistan of the south? basra takes further steps toward independence inside iraq

Those who believe that the resource-rich province of Basra would be better off as a semi-autonomus region say the time is right to make this change. Others say any such project will endanger Iraq just when the country needs unity most. by Waheed Ghanim in Basra more

ninawa governor al-nujaifi: 'iraqi govt promised us shiite militias won't fight in mosul'

The governor-in-exile of Ninawa, Atheel al-Nujaifi, outlines his ideas for how best to liberate Ninawa's capital, Mosul, from extremist rule; he says he's been assured by Baghdad that the campaign won't include controversial Shiite militias. by Nawzat Shamdeen in Berlin more

interview with senior iraqi mp: 'this is iraq's last chance'

NIQASH met with Maysoon al-Damluji, head of Iraq's Parliamentary Committee on Media and Culture, to discuss biased journalists, stolen antiquities and what problems can be expected after the extremists have left town. by Cathrin Schaer in Berlin more

opinion from kurdistan: iranians should be angry about iraq

Although Iranian influence is growing in the region, thanks to current events, the Iranian people continue to suffer. Why should they care about Iraq when many can't even afford to buy dinner? by Kawa Sheikh Abdullah in Sulaymaniyah more

messages from sulaymaniyah forum: 'iraq is not a united country'

This month some of the country's most senior politicians met in Iraqi Kurdistan for a free and frank exchange of views. Debate was controversial and centred on some of the toughest topics Iraq faces today. by Kawa Sheikh Abdullah in Sulaymaniyah more

after extremism: iraqi parliament holds quiet negotiations, changes political landscape

Former political enemies are forming new, non-sectarian alliances to prepare for an extremist-free future. Shiites are partnering with Sunnis and Kurds to support progressive decision-making. Can it work? by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more

iraqi politicians: us not doing enough against extremists, time to scrap cooperation

The US has been leading an international alliance against the extremist Islamic State group in Iraq. But locals say the US is not doing enough. Politicians in Baghdad recently led a call to scrap the strategic agreement the two countries have had since 2008. Could this be a symptom of Iran's ever-growing influence in Iraq? by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more

iraqi kurdistan's 2014: a year of unexpected changes, nasty surprises

In 2014, every time locals in Iraqi Kurdistan thought it was safe to relax, the next surprise would keep them reeling. The shocks kept coming all year, ranging from political upsets to economic issues to floods of refugees to armed confrontations with the extremist Islamic State group. No wonder they're asking, what next for 2015? by Kawa Sheikh Abdullah in Sulaymaniyah more
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