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niqash: briefings from inside and across iraq
نقاش: إحاطات من داخل وعبر العراق
نيقاش: ‎‫پوخته‌یه‌ك له‌ناوخۆو سه‌رانسه‌ی‌ عێراقه‌وه‌‬
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Basra's new museum of antiquities.
Basra 100 Years Later:

Searching For Iraqi Antiques On A Sunken British Treasure Ship

Saleem al-Wazzan
The director of Basra’s new Museum of Antiquities has recently discovered a clue that he believes will lead him to the British military ship that sank while transporting ancient artefacts.
Childhood Lost:

The Sad Story Of The ‘Gorilla Girl’ Of Diwaniya

Manar al-Zubaidi
It’s another indication of Iraqi society’s general intolerance for its handicapped members: The children in her village throw stones at her. And her family is too poor to get this 3-year-old the medical help she needs.
Waste Of Space:

Tikrit Turns Saddam Hussein’s Palaces Into Tourist Attractions

Ghazwan Hassan al-Jibouri
The despised ex-leader of Iraq built luxurious palaces with hundreds of rooms in Tikrit, near his hometown. Now the local council wants them turned into money-making museums.
Not Invited To The Party:

In Troubled Kirkuk, New Year Celebrations Were Restrained

Recent events in the northern, multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk left locals shaken and insecure. They say that as a result, the annual, colourful new year celebrations were more subdued.
كلب الهوشار يتدرب على الوقوف  (photo: سامان عمر ) كلب الهوشار يتدرب على الوقوف  (photo: سامان عمر ) كلب الهوشار يتدرب على الوقوف  (photo: سامان عمر )
Fame Hound:

The Canine Pride Of Iraqi Kurdistan

Saman Omer
The Kurds insist that the mastiff guard dog popularly known as the kangal is originally from their region, not from Turkey. As a regional symbol, the dogs are getting more popular - and more expensive.
Snakes + Lizards:
The Young Man Teaching Iraq To Love Its Reptiles
21.03.2018  |  Society
Relatives mourn as they transport bodies out of west Mosul. (photo: Aris Messinis / AFP / Getty)
What Becomes Of the Broken-Hearted:
Visiting Um Al-Tisaa, An Emergency Graveyard In Mosul
22.02.2018  |  Society
Mosul's dumper project in action. (photo: صالح الياس)
The Little Yellow Dumper That Could:
For $2 A Load, Volunteers Clear Rubble From Mosul's Streets
15.02.2018  |  Society
الدمار في الموصل بعد التحرير (photo: الموقع الرسمي لرئيسة مجلس محافظة الموصل بسمة باسم على الفيسبوك)
Based On A True Story:
Survivors' Tales From Out Of Mosul
1.02.2018  |  Society
The human clock never looks at his watch.
Magic + Mathematics:
Meeting The Human Clock Of Iraqi Kurdistan
1.02.2018  |  Society
Screenshot from a YouTube video of a tribal celebration. For full video see below.
Deadly Tribal Traditions:
Campaign Against Celebratory Gunfire Gains Traction In Baghdad
4.01.2018  |  Society
road in diyala
Illegal Obstacles:
Villages Put A Speed Limit On Their Province
21.12.2017  |  Society
Sign of hope? Beer on sale at a bar in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Liberty’s Libation:
In Anbar, Liquor Shops Are An Unlikely New Sign Of Hope
23.11.2017  |  Society
Hot, Hard Work:
On The Job With The Salt Collectors Of Dhi Qar
9.11.2017  |  Society
Save The Animals:
In Northern Iraq, It's A Dog's Life
5.10.2017  |  Society
Pictures posted by a Baghdad restaurant that took up one of the challenges.
Truth, Dare, Promise:
Iraqis Fascinated By Online ‘Challenge’ Phenomenon
4.10.2017  |  Society
Climate Change:
In Basra, Fighting Rising Temps With Trees
21.09.2017  |  Society