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niqash: briefings from inside and across iraq
نقاش: إحاطات من داخل وعبر العراق
نيقاش: ‎‫پوخته‌یه‌ك له‌ناوخۆو سه‌رانسه‌ی‌ عێراقه‌وه‌‬
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From L to R: Jalal Talabani, Massoud Barzani, Nawshirwan Mustafa
Ailing Health Sector
Kurdish Leaders Seek Medical Treatment Abroad
15.09.2016  |  Society
The KDP's Jafar Ibrahim Eminki, is the Deputy Speaker in the Iraqi Kurdish Parliament (photo: أواره حميد)
KDP Spokesperson, Eminki:
'This Crisis Is Not About The Iraqi Kurdish Presidency'
4.08.2016  |  Politics
Senior members of the Iraqi Kurdish alliance in Baghdad's Parliament.
Kurdish MPs To Baghdad:
‘Get Your House In Order, Or We Won’t Be Back’
26.05.2016  |  Politics
The crowded streets of Iraqi Kurdish resort town, Shaqlawa. (photo: آواره حميد)
Good for Business, Bad for Politics:
Iraqi Kurdish Tourist Town Becomes Haven For Displaced Arabs
10.12.2015  |  Society
An illustration by 13th Century Iraqi artist, Yahya ibn Mahmud al-Wasiti. (photo: The Yorck Project / Wikimedia Commons)
The Answer to Iraq's Problems?
Mullahs And Media Must Do More To Combat Extremism
3.12.2015  |  Society
Iraqi Kurdish military, the Peshmerga, manning a checkpoint in Tuz Khurmatu during clashes in mid-November. (photo: وكالة الاناضول)
Shiite Militias VS. Kurdish Military:
In Northern Iraq, A Sign of the Civil War to Come?
26.11.2015  |  Security
 (photo: (يازار محمد ( ميتروغرافي )
Front Line Not A Man's World:
More of Iraq's Kurdish Women Training to Fight Extremists
29.10.2015  |  Security
Anwar Hadaya, head of the Christian political party, the Syriac Gathering Movement, also believes his people shouldn't give up on Iraq.
Special Report on Iraq's Christians:
Senior Iraqi Christian Politician Says 'Not All Muslims Are Traitors'
23.09.2015  |  Security
مناصرون لبارزاني يرفعون صورته
With A Little Help From Your Friends:
US, Iran and Turkey All Getting Involved in Kurdish Presidency Problem
20.08.2015  |  Politics
Nazhat Hali, head of the Protection Department of the Kurdish Protection and Intelligence Agency, in Erbil.
Senior Kurdish Intelligence Officer
Freeing Mosul Is A Job For The People Of Mosul
9.04.2015  |  Security
Iraqi Christian, Raheel Yousif Kuniaya, 71, lived with Islamic State extremists for five months.
Christian Woman Released By Extremists
‘Sometimes They Were Nice To Me’
22.01.2015  |  Society
The anti-Arab sticker that has been seen in Iraqi Kurdistan recently.
Aftermath Of Erbil Car Bomb
More Anti-Arab Racism in Kurdistan As Rumours Fly
27.11.2014  |  Security
Children and mothers at a water tap in Baharka camp, Iraqi Kurdistan. PIcture: Rewan Kakl
In Iraqi Kurdistan’s Refugee Camps
15 Years Old, A Mother And A Widow
6.11.2014  |  Society
Newspaper readers in a cafe in Baghdad: unlikely to be reading stories in Kurdish.
Iraq’s Media Cold War
Why Arabs Don’t Understand Kurds, And Vice Versa
6.11.2014  |  Society
The Speaker of Iraqi Kurdistan’s Parliament, Yusuf Mohammed, discusses his government’s historic decisions.
Interview Speaker of Kurdish Parliament - Our People Are Right To Ask
Why Bother To Stay With Iraq?
31.10.2014  |  Politics
There could be better coordination: Emmanuel Gignac, UNHCR coordinator in Iraqi Kurdistan.
UNHCR Head In Iraqi Kurdistan
'Refugees Living In Better Conditions Here Than Other Areas'
16.10.2014  |  Society
Spokesperson for the Iraqi Kurdish government, Safeen Dizayee
Spokesman For Iraqi Kurdish Govt
‘New US Airbase in Erbil No Threat To Iran’
2.10.2014  |  Politics