Amid Boycotts, Chaos And Constitutional Violations, A New Iraqi Government Is Born

On Monday evening, a new Iraqi government came together under the leadership of Iraq’s new Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi. Despite widespread praise for the relative inclusiveness of the new Cabinet, the first session – attended by NIQASH - was chaotic, argumentative, and ironic. There were mistaken appointments and a number of Constitutional violations that could turn out to be serious in the long run. by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more

Extremists And Errant Cleric Wrecking Karbala’s Tourism-Based Economy

The southern Iraqi city of Karbala makes a lot of its money from religious tourism; it is the site of some of Islam’s holiest shrines. But Iraq’s security problems have seen many would-be visitors stay at home. And locals are divided as to when they will return. by Abbas Sarhan in Karbala more

Mistrust Thy Neighbour? Extremists Split Social Fabric In Northern Iraq

Despite the fact that they live in a disputed territory, most of the Arab and Kurdish locals in Makhmour had been living side by side, relatively peacefully, for decades. It took Sunni Muslim extremists only a few days to destroy those neighbourly feelings, as houses were looted and burned. But local community leaders say that they will foil the extremists’ plans. by Hayman Abdullah in Erbil more

Inside Amerli: The Day After Iran-Iraq-Kurdish-US Forces Break Extremist Siege

The people of Amerli have been defending their own town from Sunni Muslim extremists for over ten weeks. Last week a somewhat unexpected consortium, that some say was led by Iran, aided by US air strikes, broke the siege. NIQASH visited Amerli the day after the victory. by Shalaw Mohammed in Kirkuk more

Paying For The Caliphate: When Extremists Become Bad Bank Managers In Mosul

Up until now, locals in Mosul, the northern city under the control of Sunni Muslim extremists, have not been able to withdraw their money from their bank accounts. That changed last week. However every withdrawal comes with conditions, including a three-person committee that asks where the money came from and a compulsory tax for funding the Islamist’s Caliphate. by Khales Joumah in Mosul more

Iraq’s New Parliament: 200 Laws In Limbo, 6,000 Unfinished Projects And One Messy Constitution

As Iraq’s new government slowly evolves into a sitting Parliament, there are hundreds of pieces of legislation that need attention. Some of the most important could help resolve Iraq's looming, and current, economic and security crises. by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more

A Cure All For Car Bombs? More Baghdadis Install Security Cameras

The latest must-have for store owners in central Baghdad: security cameras. Most of the latest car bomb attacks have not been suicide missions and by installing security cameras everywhere, locals plan to prevent the bombs or catch the culprits. by Mustafa Habib in Baghdad more

Mosul’s First Death By Stoning: Extremists Distract With Displays of Savage Justice

Mosul locals were invited to witness the city’s first death by stoning late last week – extremists who had taken over the city in early June had sentenced a man to death for adultery. Eyewitnesses say the event was shocking. And many in Mosul expect more of the same; they believe the extremists are trying to distract them from recent defeats. by Khales Joumah in Mosul more

Interview With Yazidi Princess: No Future For Yazidis In Iraq

After Sunni Muslim extremists attacked Yazidi majority towns in northern Iraq, causing a major humanitarian disaster, the distinctive ethno-religious group is asking itself existential questions, says one of their leading female representatives. by Nawzat Shamdeen in Berlin more

Iraq’s Kurds Head To Baghdad To Negotiate: ‘We Want Deadlines And Guarantees’

Iraqi Kurdish politicians are heading to Baghdad to negotiate with the newly evolving government. Even though none of their demands have changed because none of them were ever met by the last government, the situation certainly has. And some analysts believe the only outcome can be the eventual division of Iraq. by Hiwa Barznjy in Erbil more
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