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niqash: briefings from inside and across iraq
نقاش: إحاطات من داخل وعبر العراق
نيقاش: ‎‫پوخته‌یه‌ك له‌ناوخۆو سه‌رانسه‌ی‌ عێراقه‌وه‌‬
امرأة ترتدي النقاب (photo: Wikimedia Commons)
امرأة ترتدي النقاب (photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Suspicious and annoying? Women wearing niqabs at a London protest in 2011. (Source: Getty) (photo: Peter Macdiarmid)
No More Niqab:

As Extremists Leave Anbar, Backlash Begins Against Full Face Veils

Kamal al-Ayash
Once upon a time in Anbar, a niqab was a symbol of female piety and dignity. Since the Islamic State group came, the full-face and body covering is seen as suspicious, frightening and even annoying.
Desperate Diggers:

Trenches Are Trending In Iraq, As Locals Try To Prevent Extremists’ Return

Mustafa Habib
In Iraq, local authorities are digging security trenches to stop the Islamic State group. But critics say the trenches won’t help and will, in fact, only increase sectarian separations.
Moving Targets:

Decision To Re-Draw Neighbourhood Borders in Baghdad Raises Concerns

Ibrahim Saleh
Earlier this month the mostly-Shiite suburb of Shaab was separated from its mostly Sunni neighbour, Adhamiyah. Some fear this is the beginning of a slow creep toward an Iraq split into sectarian regions.
River Of Death:

Iraqi Kurdish Call For Warning Signs After Record Number Of Drownings

Ramyar Jawad
Every year the Great Zab river in Iraqi Kurdistan claims local lives. This year has seen the highest number of drownings in the popular swimming spot since 2002.
سولاف اثناء العمل (photo: موكريان كاوه ) سولاف اثناء العمل (photo: موكريان كاوه ) سولاف اثناء العمل (photo: موكريان كاوه )
Job Opportunities:

The Syrian Refugees Who Became Media Stars in Iraq

Mokrayan Kawa
A handful of Syrian Kurdish refugees are finding meaningful work as journalists in northern Iraq. Some – especially those on TV – are even finding fame and fortune.
Central bank
Central bank
The ruins of Mosul's Central Bank in February 2016. (Source: NIQASH)
Shelling, Then Selling:

In Mosul, Extremists Lament Damage, Then Sell Scrap To Highest Bidder

Special Correspondent
The Islamic State group is taking full advantage of international airstrikes in Mosul. First they lament the damage and death, to arouse sympathy. Then they auction off the remains, to raise funds.
A cartoon by Iraqi artist Ahmed Falah that mocks blind tribal justice. A cartoon by Iraqi artist Ahmed Falah that mocks blind tribal justice. A cartoon by Iraqi artist Ahmed Falah that mocks blind tribal justice.
Extended Families:

Baghdad Politicians Seek Protection From Corruption Charges With Their Tribes

Mustafa Habib
Tribal law and clan allegiances dominate Iraq’s social and political life. This month, in a worrying escalation, politicians accused of corruption in Parliament called upon their own tribes to protect them.
Poisonous Baggage:

Depleted Uranium Contamination Comes To Iraqi Kurdistan In Scrap Metal

Rawezh Kamaran
The problems related to the use of depleted uranium in munitions have reached Iraqi Kurdistan too. Ionising radiation is entering the region in the form of scrap metal from southern Iraq.
Guns, Bombs + Wolves:

A Road Trip With The Hunters Of Maysan

Haider al-Husseini
Hunting is a popular pastime in the far flung reaches of Maysan province. But dangers for the gun-toting sportsmen include border guards, land mines and wild wolves.
فن البانتو ميم فن البانتو ميم فن البانتو ميم
No Words:

Young Baghdad Actors Explore Iraq’s Problems With Mime

Sara al-Qaher
In Europe, mime artists in painted outfits are standard fare for tourists. But in Iraq, mime is proving to be a new and intriguing way of exploring the country’s issues.