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niqash: briefings from inside and across iraq
نقاش: إحاطات من داخل وعبر العراق
نيقاش: ‎‫پوخته‌یه‌ك له‌ناوخۆو سه‌رانسه‌ی‌ عێراقه‌وه‌‬
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Alarming rumour: The Iraqi Kurdish military were headed for a showdown with the federal army.
Sects, Lies And Social Media:

Tall Tales Cause Tensions Ahead Of Kurdish Independence Referendum

Mustafa Habib
They have yet to secede from Iraq but already the Kurdish have their own currency and passports. At least, that’s what Iraqi social media says. But is it true?
Brothers And Sisters:

Unexpected Impact Of Kurdish Referendum On Arab-Kurdish Friendships

Histyar Qader
Has the upcoming Kurdish referendum on potential independence made ordinary Arabs and Kurds enemies? Iraqis don’t think so and many have contributed to a campaign that aims to prove it.
Press Play:

What The International Media Are Saying About Kurdish Independence

Cathrin Schaer
Iraqi Kurdistan is in the spotlight and the international media are reporting on the upcoming independence referendum, far and wide. But a focus on international opposition, means that important context is often missing.
Climate Change:

In Basra, Fighting Rising Temps With Trees

Saleem al-Wazzan
To fight climate change in Basra, where summer temperatures now regularly rise to over 50 degrees Centigrade, locals plan to plant 16 million trees. The volunteers are on course for 1 million in 2017.
الحكيم يتحدث اثناء اجتماع للتحالف الوطني الحكيم يتحدث اثناء اجتماع للتحالف الوطني الحكيم يتحدث اثناء اجتماع للتحالف الوطني
Uneasy Alliance:

Iran Tries To Ensure Iraqi Leadership Remains Loyal

Mustafa Habib
Iran wants to reunite the fighting Shiite Muslim political parties in Iraq that once gave it unconditional support. But that job is far from easy.
احتجاجات المعلمين في السليمانية  (photo: زانا س.ا )
احتجاجات المعلمين في السليمانية  (photo: زانا س.ا )
احتجاجات المعلمين في السليمانية  (photo: زانا س.ا )
Crackdown On Dissent

Deaths Of Journalists In Sulaymaniyah Undermine History Of Free Speech

Maaz Farhan
Kidnappings and beatings are seeing Sulaymaniyah's image as a bastion of freedom of expression in Iraq tarnished.
The room where the incident occurred The room where the incident occurred The room where the incident occurred
Domestic Violence

Desperate Father Brutally Burns Family In Mosul

Qassim al-Kaabi
A father of a family displaced by ISIS in 2014 reportedly burned his family alive in Mosul. The neighbour opened the door to reveal the burnt shoe of a child, burnt wheat in the house's rooms and a charred hat.
Bad Guys On Buses:

How Iraqi Fighters Feel About The Extremists Arriving On Syrian Buses

Mustafa Habib
Iraqi forces are upset about the safe passage granted to Islamic State fighters from Syria. They will enter Iraq, where, locals say, thousands of their comrades await them in the extremists’ secret capital.
Fake News:

The Iraqi Supporters Of Israel + The Bad, Bad Teachers

Special Correspondent
What do Iraqis who support Israel have to do with the Islamic State? How does one Baghdad teacher cause a thousand students to fail? Investigating the news that had the whole country talking last month.
Unhappy Holidays:

Facebook Fraying Families + Tradition In Iraqi Kurdistan

Sarchin Salih
Tradition dictates that you visit family during the Eid holiday. But in Iraqi Kurdistan, many locals are choosing to send messages via social media instead.