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niqash: briefings from inside and across iraq
نقاش: إحاطات من داخل وعبر العراق
نيقاش: ‎‫پوخته‌یه‌ك له‌ناوخۆو سه‌رانسه‌ی‌ عێراقه‌وه‌‬
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Election Campaigning:

A Plague Of Posters On All Of Baghdad’s Houses

Mustafa Habib
As soon as election campaign posters went up in Baghdad this week, locals were tearing them down - as well as using them to make critical videos for social media.
Playing Dress-Ups:

Why Military Accessory Stores In Anbar Are A Good Sign For Iraq

Kamal al-Ayash
The military look has been popular all over Iraq but not in Anbar, where the Iraqi army were seen as oppressors. But since the Islamic State group was driven out, that has changed.
No More Safe Zones:

Iran Sending Assassins To Iraq, Say Iranian Kurdish Groups

Honar Hama Rasheed
After several murders of members of Iranian Kurdish groups in northern Iraq, accusations are flying. The groups say Iranian influence is increasing and that killers are coming over the border.
Basra 100 Years Later:

Searching For Iraqi Antiques On A Sunken British Treasure Ship

Saleem al-Wazzan
The director of Basra’s new Museum of Antiquities has recently discovered a clue that he believes will lead him to the British military ship that sank while transporting ancient artefacts.
Political Review

As Iraqi Parliament Winds Up, The Report Card: All Talk, No Action

Mustafa Habib
After four eventful years, Iraq’s parliament will end its term on April 30. The main hallmarks: absentee MPs, a lot more press conferences and lack of progress on any laws that could benefit ordinary Iraqis.
They were happy together once: Ministers of Iraqi Kurdistan's disabled Parliament.
They were happy together once: Ministers of Iraqi Kurdistan's disabled Parliament.
They were happy together once: Ministers of Iraqi Kurdistan's disabled Parliament.
A Northern Sunset:

Kurdish Politicians Will Be Weaker Than Ever In Baghdad, No Matter What Happens

Hayman Hassan
In the past, Iraqi Kurdish politicians held much sway in Baghdad’s parliament. That definitely won’t be the case after these elections.
Waste Of Space:

Tikrit Turns Saddam Hussein’s Palaces Into Tourist Attractions

Ghazwan Hassan al-Jibouri
The despised ex-leader of Iraq built luxurious palaces with hundreds of rooms in Tikrit, near his hometown. Now the local council wants them turned into money-making museums.
Carbon Copies:

Are Anbar’s New Election Candidates Really ‘New’?

Kamal al-Ayash
In Anbar, there are a lot of new names running for office. But, as locals say, those who ally with the old names have already lost.
Human Rights:

Kurdish Women Break Social Barriers, Attend Demonstrations

Kosar Othman
In the past when Iraqi Kurdish women have protested in the streets, it has been about women’s rights. But recent demonstrations have seen them on equal footing with men.
 (photo: احمد الشيباني )  (photo: احمد الشيباني )  (photo: احمد الشيباني )
Childhood Lost:

The Sad Story Of The ‘Gorilla Girl’ Of Diwaniya

Manar al-Zubaidi
It’s another indication of Iraqi society’s general intolerance for its handicapped members: The children in her village throw stones at her. And her family is too poor to get this 3-year-old the medical help she needs.